Janine Villis – BCBA, MSc, BSc
Janine Villis

Job Title

Janine studied Early Years Education and development in university, graduating with a first class degree in 2012. After taking an interest in behaviour management and SEN during the school placements, she went on to complete a Masters degree in Applied Behaviour Analysis and Therapy in 2014. Janine started working as an ABA therapist/ lead therapist alongside university, on home programmes and integration into mainstream schools. Janine later became a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst in 2015. Janine is now an ABA Consultant working with children and young adults on home and school based programs.

Professional training:

  • 2016: Advanced language skills; eg training
  • 2016: Introduction to Verbal Behaviour; Vincent Carbone
  • 2015: Makaton enhancement workshop; Helen Adams
  • 2015: Makaton foundation workshop; Helen Adams
  • 2015: An introduction in the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) for young children with autism; E. Fulton
  • 2015: Preparing as a witness for a SEN and disability tribunal- the role of the ABA consultant; David Urani
  • 2014: Legislation and guidance for children with special educational needs- EHC plans; Fiona Slomovic
  • 2014: Social thinking; Michelle Garcia-Winner
  • 2014: Introduction to Pivotal Response Treatment Level 1; Dr L Koegel and Dr R Koegel
  • 2014: A behavioural approach to language assessment and intervention for children with Auitsm (VB-MAPP); Mark Sundberg
  • 2013: EASIE I (Exercise and sound in education)