Based in the large village of Resolven in Neath, South Wales you will find our therapy centre which is situated in and hired to us by Resolven Integrated Children Centre. With access to a sensory room, outdoor play area, playing fields, nearby park and walks, there is plenty on offer in terms of activities for the children visiting the centre and opportunities for Natural Environment Teaching . We are a 5 minute walk away from local shops and cafes, and a short drive to soft play and a swimming pool which enables us to teach the children a variety of skills in the community. The centre includes a large therapy room, storage room, large kitchen and toilets.


At our therapy centre, we are able to offer bespoke consultation packages based on the individual and family’s needs.


What will my child do during the visit?

We appreciate that some children may be nervous visiting a new place, so on arrival we will try to ensure that your child feels as comfortable as possible by having a variety of fun activities and toys available to them. Once settled, Lynsey or Kerry will start to work with your child to evaluate what interests them. This will be essential in order to develop your child’s cooperation. As the morning progresses we will be assessing your child’s current skill level; this includes their communication skills, visual performance, receptive and expressive language, play skills etc. During this time, parents and tutors will be observing whilst receiving theoretical training from a trained consultant.

What happens when we leave?

At the end of your visit, you will be provided with a programme folder that will contain your child’s Individual Education Plan, written instructions of how to teach the skills, and data sheets. By the end of your visit, you will be able to begin implementing the programme at home. We offer outreach support in the form or Skype to troubleshoot any questions or problems that may arise. In some instances we are also able to recommend a trained supervisor to visit you at home to help oversee your child’s programme (this can be discussed when and if required).


How often does my child need to visit the centre?

We do not specify how often your child needs to visit us as this can largely depend on a family’s circumstances and financial position. However, we generally recommend that visits are spread out through the year every 6-8 weeks. During subsequent visits, we will evaluate the programmes that your child has been working on before updating your child’s IEP. Training and guidance on how to teach new skills will also be demonstrated.


Where can we stay when we visit?

Once your visit is booked, we will send you detailed directions and a list of various accommodation types in the surrounding locations. We are closely situated near Swansea and Gower Peninsula which means that families can often combine their visit with a holiday.  We will also provide you with a list of various attractions should you wish to do this.