The following illustrates an overview of initial programme setup:

1. Fill in the contact us form at the bottom of the page so that a free 30 minutes no obligation consultation can be arranged to discuss your child’s needs and your goals for running a Verbal Behaviour programme.

2. We will send you an intake questionnaire which you will need to post back to us using our stamped addressed envelope. This will help us to gather some initial information to help us establish what service we can offer.

3. If you would then like to start a programme, we recommend that parents and any individuals involved with your child (this may be family members and/or tutors) attend a 2 day Theory Training workshop before commencing a programme which can be held at your home. This will cover:

  • What is VB?
  • Teaching co-operation
  • How to make learning fun
  • Reinforcement
  • Teaching Techniques
  • Prompting Strategies
  • Assessment and Curriculum
  • Functional Communication Training
  • Assessing the Function of Behaviour that Challenges
  • Data Collection

4. Following the theory training, an initial 2 day hands-on workshop is recommended. During the 2 days we will play and interact with your child so that they feel comfortable and happy to work with us. We will complete baseline assessments whilst working hands on and modeling all programme recommendations. The main family members/tutors involved in your child’s everyday activities/therapy would be trained in the programme recommendations. They will also have the opportunity to role-play all programmes, and specific feedback will be given following insitu demonstration. The team will be trained in data collection and a full programme folder and written programme guidelines will be provided.

5. A follow up consultation/workshop will then be arranged 4 to 6 weeks later to move your child’s programme on. All individuals working with your child should attend this workshop as well as any other follow up workshops.

6. Further consultations/workshops are arranged for every 4 to 6 weeks